Help offset food costs & now helps with international missions!

Make a $$ Donation

Giving dollars helps by allowing us to shop for the food we planned on serving at our events.  We try to plan ahead and giving this way helps with that!

Donate Food

Donating food is a great way to help us plan ahead!  We can check inventory of what’s on hand and plan around that!

Donate Your Time

Have a knack for cooking or baking?  Find out how we can use your offering of time.

Churches are, by nature, tax exempt.  All donations to churches are also tax deductible!

Donate Food

In order to donate food, please get with the host to determine the best course of action for this and to find out what food is needed. 

Jesus often ate with His disciples.

Sharing a meal is what family and friends do.  This makes it more of intimate gathering where we can be more comfortable and relax before digging in to the upcoming study.

How Donations Are Used


These are just some of the ways your donations are put to use.

  • To help offset food costs for our gatherings.  We generally feed 10-15 each Tuesday and that number is growing fast.  We will soon be starting another group on Thursdays and will also be providing dinner here as well. 
  • If we get enough donations to buy the food required for the entire study period, we will put any additional funds in a savings account that can be used to purchase any required equipment such as more cooking utensils, serving tools, etc.
  • If donations exceed the above 2 items, additional funds will be used to provide for the needs of the community by hosting free BBQ’s and cookouts while bringing the Good News to them.
  • Any giving that exceeds the costs of food and outreach BBQs will now be put to use in serving overseas.  Thanks to one of my team members, we are now able to take this message to El Salvador.  Hopefully many more opportunities present themselves. 

Donate Today or Get Involved