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Brain Cancer Healed

My neighbor, who is a former nurse at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, has an extra bedroom and spoke with her husband about possibly letting someone who needed it use it. He agreed and they prayed that God would send them someone who needed the room. Enter Jamie....

Divine Appointment

During communion last night, I prayed for divine appointments. 2 of our LifeTeam members were in the local Academy and asked someone who worked there if they needed prayer. Turns out, this was a friend of the LifeTeam member from a long time ago. After catching up and...

Divine Appointments

Be A Doer received a prayer request from JGLM for a woman who had severe cancer in the form of melanoma which had spread to her spinal fluid. She also had acquired Covid. I offered to come and lay hands but did not hear back from her for over a week. When I finally...

Covid Healed

We got a prayer request from JGLM for a man who was diagnosed with Covid. We prayed for him from a distance as we were unable to make it out personally on this occasion. The next day we received report that he was healed and this healing was confirmed with both an...

Infant Healing

Last night we had a LifeTeam Member wake up early this morning with a leading to pray for an infant in the hospital. She was obedient in this prayer. Later this morning, Angie's friend posted on Instagram a prayer request for her new born, only a week old, who was in...