Be A Doer

We don't have a building. We just got a name. This website isn't very fancy. We don't have a choir or a band. We don't even have a preacher!

How are we even a church?


The bible says that we, as believers, ARE the church!  Each believer is the body of Christ.  We are His hands and feet and eyes & ears & nose. Before the world was created, God chose to work through humans on earth.  It is because of this master plan, that we have become empowered to complete Jesus’ mission here on earth.


We believe there is much more to being a believer than what is taught in the church as a whole in today’s society.


We Believe:

We believe the normal Christian ideals.  This includes the fact the God, the Father, created everything.  God, the Son (Jesus), was from present during creation and is eternal, as He is God, and came down to earth to become fully man, born of a woman.  He emptied Himself of all His “Godness” (diety) when he came to earth and was empowered by the Holy Spirit (also God, in the Spirit) upon His water baptism by John.


We believe Jesus came to earth as a man to reconsile humans to God by way of becoming the perfect sacrifice, once and for all, on the cross.  We believe that through His death, our sins can be forgiven, if we accept His sacrifice for ourselves by humbly obeying the Holy Spirit when He calls and coming to the place of repentance, by God’s grace alone and by the faith given to us by the Holy Spirit as a free gift to believe.  If, after believing, we confess (publicly – in front of others – both verbally and in the public display of water baptism) that Jesus is our Lord (meaning we will now obey Him as Lord), then we will be saved from the consquences of our sin, which eventually eternal death in hell.


We believe that after Jesus died on the cross, He rose back to life after 3 days.  Because He lives, after death, now we can, instead of getting what we deserve for our sin, praise God that Jesus has satisfied our debt and claim victory through Jesus for everlasting life!  We can do this, because if He lives, we know that we who are in Him can also live.


This is where many churches stop.

We don’t stop here.  This is the simple gospel.  It is the message of hope to the world, who are like sheep without a shepherd and it is Good News to those who are lost!


However, there is more.  A lot more.  And that is why Be A Doer was created.

At Be A Doer, we believe that the Good News doesn’t stop at simply being saved from eternal death and therefore eternal suffering, although that would be enough for us to want to jump and shout for joy!  We believe that salvation is an ongoing process.  This can get a bit confusing and sometimes makes people upset until they actually listen.


We believe that we are in a state of “being saved” until we are with God forever.  Here’s what that looks like – in the Old Testament, Isreal was “saved” from their slavery and bondage in Egypt.  God chose Moses to deliver His  chosen people from the terrible place of suffering they found themselves in.  Moses complied and the people were saved.  However, once they were saved, they weren’t yet delivered.


What do I mean by this?

Well, they were saved from the evil one, Pharoah.  But they found themselves in the desert.  Pharoah realized he made a mistake by letting them go, so he began to chase them down in order to enslave them again.  This is how the devil works after we are “saved”.  He’s not going to give up without a fight!  What happened?  Isreal saw they had come to the Red Sea and now had water.  Although, they then realized that the most powerful army on earth was pursuing them.  Now, the water that was supposed to be a blessing looked like a curse.  They couldn’t cross the Red Sea and they couldn’t win a battle against Egypt’s army.


Here’s where continuing salvation comes in.  What happened?  God, through His servant, Moses, parted the Red Sea and allowed Isreal to cross on dry river bed!  Then he returned the Sea to normal after they crossed, with the entire Egyptian army being killed while trying to cross!


This is not all.  They traveled in the wilderness for a long time and God provided for their every need and want.  He provided the food of angels as well as the meat they desired.  He provided a cloud during the sun drenched day and a warming fire during the cold desert nights, and much more.  In fact, during all the years of their travel to the promised land, even their clothes and shoes didn’t wear out!  This is continuing salvation from our Good Father!


What else do we believe?

We believe that as in the beginning, when God chose man to take dominion over the earth, He still works through mankind.  The reason he used Moses to lead the Jews out of Egypt and the reason Jesus had to come to take our place in order that we might be saved is because God setup His creation to be run by man.


Because of this fact, we, as believers, must realize that, as Jesus’ hands and feet, we must act in accordance with His will.  Jesus gave us specific commands to do works mightier than He.  He told us to spread the Good News by healing the sick, casting out demons, raising the dead and telling those we come in contact with that the Kingdom of God has come near.


We believe, that as God’s chosen, and His children, we will be eternally saved and also be saved continually from the worries of this world.  We must believe that the Bible is the Word of God, that God’s Word is true and that He will do what He’s promised.  This creates faith in us to go out and do what He’s commissioned us to do!