My neighbor, who is a former nurse at MD Anderson hospital in Houston, has an extra bedroom and spoke with her husband about possibly letting someone who needed it use it. He agreed and they prayed that God would send them someone who needed the room. Enter Jamie.

Jamie was sent to Houston from California to go to MD Anderson for brain cancer treatment, since he was given less than 2 years to live. After testing at MD Anderson, the prognosis was more dire. He was now given less than 6 months to live, and most likely only a few weeks. Brain surgery was scheduled.

He went to a local church that was recommended where he ended up meeting the couple mentioned above. This was the same day they had prayed that God would send someone who needed that room. They ended up talking with Jamie and agreeing to let him stay at their house while he was in treatment.

I met Jamie the next day, where he told me what was going on. The next day I saw him outside and really felt a leading to go lay hands on him and pray for healing. I was unsure though and didn’t really want to do it because I was unsure of my motives. I didn’t want to do this only so I could talk about doing it. But I felt a strong leading to pray for him. I approached him and asked if I could pray for him and he accepted. I laid my hands on him and commanded healing in Jesus’ name. He said he was believing with me for his healing!

He later went to the doctor for pre-surgery testing and they could not find any trace of cancer! The doctors were utterly confused but thought they must just be missing it somehow so they scheduled more testing. All tests were negative for any type of cancer. The surgeon decided they would go ahead with the surgery because there’s no way it could be gone.

The next day, after reviewing all the tests, his doctor called him and told him there was no reason to do the surgery because he was, in fact, cancer free!

Jamie is now back in California living the life God had promised him!