Be A Doer received a prayer request from JGLM for a woman who had severe cancer in the form of melanoma which had spread to her spinal fluid. She also had acquired Covid.

I offered to come and lay hands but did not hear back from her for over a week. When I finally did hear from her, I went immediately to go command healing in the name of Jesus! We have not heard back from this individual as of yet, but the testimony comes after this appointment.

After this appointment, I had to go to a Walmart that was close to the person requesting prayer. This is unusual because I don’t normally go to Walmart but I was forced to because we needed small paper cups that we use as sample cups for my wife’s business and HEB was out of them. Not only was HEB out of them, all HEBs were out because of a warehouse shortage for these cups. So, I decided to go to Walmart since I was already close.

As I found some cups that would work, another customer came to my location and was needing the same cups for a different reason. I told him about the cups I found and we was grateful. I mentioned that I lead a prayer team and if he ever needed prayer to give me a call or text. I left but then he followed me and asked if I could actually pray for him right now. He needed cups to celebrate his dad’s 99th birthday but also they were moving him to a retirement home the next day and this was something that was definitely needed but also the dad did not want to go. We prayed for peace for this situation.

After leaving Walmart, I decided to go to another HEB right down the road to see if they had any lingering paper cups. They didn’t but I was able to meet another man in the meat department. After speaking for a few minutes, I gave him one of my cards and told him I lead a prayer group and to call me if he ever wanted to join. He said “how’d you know?”! How amazing! After speaking some more, I found out he runs a prison ministry, which I have been wanting to get into.

What an amazing day!

God had to make HEB run out of these cups I needed on a city wide scale as well as have the cancer patient wait over a week to get back with me just to setup these appointments.

Also expect God to move. Sometimes it might seem like accidents or coincidences, but these are divine appointments so always be ready!