I am writing this testimony for my grandma who is in her mid-90s.  My parents recently went to go get her and bring her to their home from her home in south Florida as she was beginning to need some help.  She suffered from diabetes as well as fainting spells.  She had been randomly fainting for the past dozen years or so and the doctors couldn’t figure out why.  Sometimes when she would pass out, it would be for a few minutes and many times it would be much longer.  This would happen a couple times per month to a couple times per week.  This could be dangerous as well, because it could happen any time, like when she was walking or sitting in a chair.

The first Sunday she arrived, my parents brought her to church with us and she was enjoying worship, standing and “dancing”.  After worship, when we were seated, she passed out.  She fell and hit her head hard on the floor.  The church ushers and some others tried to assist but she was out of it most of the service, although she was conscious.  Toward the end of the service she came to and came to my house for lunch, with my parents.  After lunch I took her hand and declared in the name of Jesus her to be healed and for this sickness to never return.

Praise God!  To this day, months later, she has not fainted again!